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A Secretary for a New Business Company

To register a business in Singapore, one has to follow a lot of pre requites and one of which is to hire a well rounded secretary. According to Section 171, a Singapore companies Act, Singapore business registration requires all Singapore businesses to appoint a secretary to handle all statutory compliance matters.

singapore company registration

When we say secretary what comes right into our minds are mare clerical clerks who does all the typing all day. However it is not in the actual work. A secretary plays a vital role in every company.


singapore business registrationFirst, it serves as an assistant to managers and other unit heads, keeps and compiles all records, makes minutes during meetings and tracks her or his boss’ schedules. But with the mandate imposed by Singapore business registration, secretaries will now handle far more important tasks.

It is also recommended by the Singapore business registration to hire a secretary from an independent service company to prevent any connivance between the manager and their secretaries.With this the hired secretary is now tasked to comply. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority requirements












Having a secretary from an independent service company differs from a corporate secretary in a much significant difference since the independent service secretary is capable of providing the company with advice on almost anything ranging from company law, changes, taxation, accounting, manpower and other licenses' compliance requirements, pertaining to Singapore Company Secretary matters.


register a business in singapore

 The Singapore company registration stressed out that the secretary that has to  be hired are not just typing clerks but  someone with a wide knowledge about business and could contribute ideas if asked. He or she could serve the company by just compiling files and sending out communication letters but also by providing the company the services that are worth commendable. These secretaries should not only assists their bosses by handling their schedules but also by brainstorming and coming up with ideas that will do good for the company or ideas that will solve a company’s dilemma. Now all you have to do is focus your attention on other business aspects and let your secretary handle the rest.














Indeed, to register a business in Singapore is never easy for you have to meet all the requirements imposed by the Singapore company registration. But then again, this is for the good of your company.

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